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Dr. Frankel Has Been Featured In:

  • Allure | Beverly Hills, California
  • Confidential | Beverly Hills, California
  • Elle | Beverly Hills, California
  • Vogue | Beverly Hills, California
  • Cosmopolitan | Beverly Hills, California
  • Bazaar | Beverly Hills, California
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"...a keen sense of aesthetics has earned Frankel an A-list following."

-LA Confidential

Historic Lasky Clinic located in Beverly Hills, California
Historic Lasky Clinic is located in Beverly Hills, California USA.

The Lasky Face Plastic Surgery Clinic

A fitting institution for rendering excellence

Dr. Frankel's practice is located in the venerable Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills, California. This beautiful building provides a luxurious setting for elective surgery and creates a safe, warm, and private environment. The clinic is home to a state of the art surgery center as well as well appointed individual medical offices.

Our facial surgeons carry years of professional and medical experience in providing effective
facial plastic surgery treatment. We provide cost effective treatments and procedures with efficiency
that makes us one of the most reliable and chosen facial surgeons in Beverly Hills.

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Hollywood Special Effects Consultant

Applying His Skills to a Different Medium

Hollywood Consultant | Beverly Hills, California

Since 2006 Dr. Frankel has worked as a consultant for Lola Visual Effects; a special effects company that specializes in realistically altering the appearance of actors in blockbuster films. Dr. Frankel's role has been to work directly with the technical engineers to provide a scientifically based approach using his expertise in facial aesthetics, anatomy and aging, to help them achieve more realistic results. Specific films where Dr. Frankel's expertise was utilized include "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "The Departed", "X-men 3", "Babel" and "Speed Racer", "RobinHood", "Tron" and more. In addition to several television commercials, Dr. Frankel's work has also been featured on a Science Channel series entitled "Science of the Movies".

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