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The Lasky Clinic lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s premiere facilities for cosmetic surgery. Our elite group of surgeons is supported by an experienced team to deliver naturally elegant results and state-of-the-art patient care. Historic Lasky Clinic is the oldest free-standing ambulatory surgery center in all of Los Angeles. It has maintained a reputation of excellence among the world’s most prominent and influential people since its inception in 1980. Lasky Clinic sits on a tree-lined street in a quiet section of Beverly Hills and its understated elegance doesn’t allude to all that is going on inside. We maintain a AAAHC-accredited surgical center that includes private patient rooms as well as a recovery room and surgical lounge. The Lasky Clinic surgeons have their individual offices upstairs, providing easy access to the operating room and allowing for more flexible scheduling of surgeries. At Lasky Clinic we employ the latest technologies when they are proven to be effective and facilitate better results. We recently installed the Vectra 3D imaging system, this exceptional new camera will assist us in improving our consultations.

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Lasky Clinic enjoys a rich heritage as one of the best plastic surgery centers and the first free-standing ambulatory surgery center in all of Los Angeles. Th story began in 1981, when renowned celebrity plastic surgeon and pioneer Dr. Frank Kamer founded the clinic to meet the unique needs of his cosmetic surgery patients. The tradition has carried on under the guidance of Dr. Frankel and Dr. Leslie Stevens and since then the Lasky Clinic has become known for providing a surgical experience unlike any other – one that makes Dr. Frankel’s patients feel special and fosters a collaborative atmosphere for our doctors, nurses and administrative staff.The Lasky Clinic | Beverly Hills, CA At Lasky Clinic, it’s accepted that everyone deserves VIP treatment. It’s secluded atmosphere – near the most prestigious hotels in Beverly Hills – is both convenient for travelers and ideal for discerning patients who seek a heightened level of privacy that many large medical buildings cannot offer. lasky Clinic patients enjoy luxury surroundings, including designer furnishings, a plush waiting room, private patient suites and six recovery beds. The doctors here each enjoy personalized office suites and three state-of-the-art operating rooms. Today, more than 30 thousand patients entrust Lasky Clinic with their needs, making us the world’s premiere destination for aesthetic surgery. Exceptional Results and Unparalleled Care Lasky Clinic’s unique atmosphere, combined with an experienced staff’s warm, positive attitude, has made it a main attraction for some of the world’s best plastic surgeons. The facility, with state-of-the-art operating rooms on the first floor and personalized physicians’ offices on the second floor, inspires it’s professional staff to collaborate and develop even more ways to improve an already exceptional standard of care.

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The Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills, California