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5 Reasons Why Getting to Know Your Surgeon is Important

Know Your Plastic SurgeonIf you’ve been shopping around for non-invasive anti-aging treatments, then you know there are a lot of options available to you. You might have an idea about what you want already, but it’s just as easy to get completely overwhelmed as it is to find the perfect treatment on your own. If you’re not sure what you’d like to explore, you’re not alone–many people struggle with choosing facial rejuvenation treatments. That’s where a knowledgeable plastic surgeon comes in–to help you weigh your options and pick the treatment that’s right for you. It’s important to get to know your plastic surgeon for a number of reasons–and it’s why you need to do some research before you start your consultations. 

1. Getting to Know Your Surgeon Helps You Communicate

Your surgeon depends on you to communicate your goals for cosmetic treatments, and you’re much more likely to speak up about what you want if you feel at ease with your surgeon. A reputable plastic surgeon will always want the best for you, but you’ll need to communicate your needs effectively in order to get the results you want.

2. Your Needs will Change Over Time 

If you’re just starting out with anti-aging procedures or skin-refreshing treatments, then you might be starting on a treatment plan that will need to be repeated every so often. As you get older or your priorities change, however, you might want to change your treatment plan—easier to do with a surgeon you know well and trust. Your surgeon will be familiar with your skin, your overall goals, and your budget/lifestyle, making it easier to switch up your treatments.

3. Your Surgeon will be Your Advisor 

There are a lot of different anti-aging treatments available, and it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you if you’re not sure what will work best. Fortunately, a good relationship with a skilled plastic surgeon will result in a trusted advisor who will help you customize your treatment plan and choose the procedures that will maximize your results.

4. You Need to Trust Your Surgeon 

Aesthetic treatments are very safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, but trusting your face to anyone can be scary. Building a rapport with your surgeon will help you trust your provider, making you feel more at ease with the process, and allowing you to relax.

5. They’ll be a Valuable Resource 

If you’ve got questions about anything, you should be able to use your plastic surgeon as a knowledgeable resource. Above all, they will have your safety and results as their top priority, so don’t be shy—ask any questions you need to!

The Research Process 

Trying to find the right surgeon for you? The research process is an essential first step in getting the results you want. When looking for potential surgeons, pay attention to these factors:

• Board Certifications
• Education & Honors

• Patient Reviews

• Before & After Photos

Be patient—finding the right surgeon for you can take time, and you don’t want to skimp on the research part of the process!

Your Initial Consultation 

When you’ve picked out a few potential surgeons to speak with, you’ll need to prepare for your initial consultations. Be sure to prepare specific questions, and ask for some elaboration on each physician’s credentials and experience during the meeting. Consultations are essential for choosing a surgeon you can trust and for developing rapport. 

There are many choices for facial plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area, and even choosing which surgeons you will consult with can be a challenge. Dr. Andrew Frankel is well-known as one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the area, helping many patients reach their anti-aging goals. If you’d like to speak with Dr. Frankel about your needs for rejuvenation, call The Lasky Clinic today at 310.552.2173 and schedule a consultation.