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Centrofacial Lift

Until recently, the middle area of the face has not typically been addressed when performing facelift procedures. The midface area, comprised of the region between the lower eyelids and the mouth, actually ages differently then the jowls and neck.  The central face tends to fall directly vertically with age, and as the skin thins out this can lead to a drawn and tired appearance with dark circles or hollows under the eyes as well as deep folds up near the nose.

The traditional facelift acts to correct the aging cheeks, jowl, and neck areas of the face by repositioning these tissues upward and outward toward the ear, but does little or nothing to reposition the midfacial tissues, which need to be lifted in a directly vertical vector. Recent surgical innovations are now addressing this issue and yielding wonderful results, which provide subtle changes that impart a dramatic impact on the overall appearance.  Most profoundly, patients appear to look much less “tired” and the midface area is now better balanced with the rest of the face.

This new approach for rejuvenating the face can be done alone or in conjunction with a more traditional facelift, depending on what the patient needs.  The surgery involves small incisions which usually are imperceptible, however there is significant bruising and swelling associated with the procedure and the recovery period takes some time (2-3 weeks). The midface lift adds a new dimension to facial plastic surgery and allows for a more holistic approach to the aging face.