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Four Things to Consider Before Your Male Facelift

Four Things Men Should Consider Before a FaceliftThe number of male facelift patients grows year after year as they discover the many benefits of this popular anti-aging procedure. Society as a whole has also begun to change its thinking about male facelift surgery, which helps many interested men find the courage to pursue the procedure. Facelifts can take years off of your perceived age, alleviate some of your biggest concerns, and achieve the results you desire. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female when you’re looking into a facelift surgery.


Psychological Considerations for Male Facelift Patients

As you consider a facelift procedure for yourself, it’s important to think about the psychological changes that accompany most facial surgeries. Men in particular may feel the pressures of society to stay youthful without turning to aesthetic surgery for a solution. Female patients are slightly more likely to consider facelift surgery and largely more likely to seek it out. Prospective male patients must overcome their own psychological barriers about the procedure while also facing the mental stress associated with the social stigma against male plastic surgery. While the decision is ultimately yours to make, you must be prepared to manage these psychological aspects before your surgery.

Special Considerations of Male Facelift Surgeries

Between the average male and female patients, some slight differences are noticeable in their facial structures and characteristics. Beyond appearances, there are also anatomical differences that can change the way your facial plastic surgeon approaches your procedure. These differences might include:

  • A greater volume of vascular skin
  • A heavier neck
  • Larger surface area of the facial skin
  • Stronger ligaments and supports
  • Thicker skin on the face
  • Facial hair and hair follicles

Get the best results for your male facelift procedure by choosing a reputable, board certified facial plastic surgeon today. He should understand these differences and know how to address them during your male facelift surgery, so ask questions about his methods during your facelift consultation.

Incision Placement for a Male Facelift Surgery

When you meet with your facelift surgeon, you will likely discuss his or her plans for incision placement. Finding the right location to place incisions on a male patient can be different from determining the right spot on a woman. They must be made in a hidden area so they are not obvious following your healing and recovery. Your facial plastic surgeon must also consider the facial hair pattern present in your hair-bearing skin. Misplacing an incision can lead to unnatural pulling or more visible scarring later on. Choose an expert facial plastic surgeon with experience performing male facelifts to minimize your own risks for incision placement errors.

Healing After a Male Facelift Surgery

Because male patients have some structural facial differences that can affect their surgical process, they may also experience a different healing process as well. Male patients, for example, are often at a higher risk for excessive bleeding, hematoma, or fluid retention after a facelift surgery. To alleviate the buildup of fluids, your facial plastic surgeon will likely place drainage tubes after your procedure. These will be left in place for a day or two and then removed by your surgeon at a follow-up visits. Like female patients, you may also be given special compression dressings to wear after surgery that can help with swelling, bruising, and proper circulation. Some male patients may wear these compression bandages for a longer period of time, if needed. Your facial plastic surgeon can talk more specifically about the after care needed to keep your healing process going as smoothly as possible, so be sure to follow his instructions carefully.

Plan Your Facelift Consultation Today

Consult with a facelift surgeon who can explain the many benefits of facelift surgery and how they could impact your look, whether you’re a man or a woman. Dr. Andrew Frankel is board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ENT). His focus is on facial rejuvenation, especially through procedures such as the facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery, as well as rhinoplasty.  Since 1994, Dr. Frankel has been practicing at the Lasky Clinic and earned recognition as an expert in his field. He has published on a variety of topics including midface lifts, Botox, rhinoplasty, and more. To consult with Dr. Frankel, contact the Lasky Clinic located at 201 South Lasky Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Call (310) 552-2173 to schedule your appointment today.