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The Importance of Choosing the Right Facelift Surgeon

How to Choose the Right Facelift Surgeon | Beverly Hills, CAIn today’s world, most consumers are very critical of the salespeople they meet in a car dealership or the dentist who wants to do thousands of dollars’ worth of work right away. We are trained to be skeptical of the professionals we meet in our everyday lives. When it comes to plastic surgery, especially the fine-tuned art of facial plastic surgery, that hesitation comes in handy. Your health and your satisfaction truly matter, so choosing the right facial plastic surgeon to perform your delicate facelift surgery is essential. By making a thoughtful and educated selection, you’re earning several benefits for yourself.

Board Certification Matters

First of all, you should never work with a facial plastic surgeon (or any plastic surgeon) who isn’t board certified. It is a risky decision that could result in injury, poor results, surgical complications, and fatal trauma. Just like any other gamble, you could be okay but why would you take the risk? It’s better to protect yourself by choosing a surgeon with board certification.

What exactly does it mean to be a board certified facial plastic surgeon? This credential can only be earned by a surgeon who has graduated from an accredited medical school, completed at least five years of surgical residency and a minimum of three years in an accredited plastic surgery residency program. This plastic surgery program will provide surgeons with both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery training. Finally, all surgeons must successfully complete comprehensive written and oral examinations in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in order to achieve board certification. The foundation these qualifications provide is unparalleled in providing surgeons with the training and skills they need to practice successfully.

Protect Yourself From Post-Facelift Risks

When you choose a well-trained, experienced plastic surgeon, you’re lowering your chances for complications, harmful side effects, and even prolonged recovery times. Facelift surgery is a delicate business that poses certain risks to patients, including infection, bleeding or hematoma, facial numbness, and more. When a facial plastic surgeon is fully credentialed, he or she has taken the classes, put in the training hours, and learned how to minimize specific risks and prevent problems.

With a comprehensive education in facial plastic surgery, facial plastic surgeons are prepared to handle emergency situations and take the steps necessary to correct them. They have a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology (so they can fine-tune facial surgery skills), as well as the knowledge to actively prevent infections, screen patients carefully for surgery, and keep patients healthy throughout surgery and afterwards.

Get the Facelift Results You Really Want

By the time he or she is practicing facial plastic surgery, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon has completed a medical degree, at least five years of surgical training, and an in-depth plastic surgery residency program. By the time you get to the practice, he or she has likely performed hundreds or thousands of facelift procedures on men and women with a wide range of needs, facial characteristics, and desired results. Patients will vary in age, ethnicity, and even degree of aging at the time of surgery.

What many prospective patients don’t realize is that aesthetic training is a component of a facial plastic surgeon’s education. Given the nature of this cosmetic surgery, the success of a facelift depends on both the surgeon’s experience at performing the surgical operations and his or her ability to plan and execute changes that are natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can understand your needs and translate them into the desired facelift results you have in mind.

Build on Your Facelift With Other Surgeries

Even if facelift surgery is your facial plastic surgeon’s specialty, that doesn’t mean it is the only surgery he or she is well-versed and trained in. Before even specializing in facial plastic surgery, such surgeons have completed general surgery and general plastic surgery. Beyond that, their facial plastic surgery training would have included many different facial rejuvenation procedures, many of which could be used to enhance your rejuvenation procedure.

When you choose a credentialed facial plastic surgeon, you’ll have a wide array of opportunities to optimize your results and achieve the look you want by combining procedures. During your facelift consultation, your surgeon may advise additional procedures that could help you envision a complete rejuvenation. Not only will he or she be able to make recommendations based on his or her aesthetic training and skilled eye, but he or she can work with you to design a combination procedure that suits your needs and your face’s unique characteristics.

How to Make a Smart Choice

Now that you know why your choice is so important, you might not be sure how to make that choice. It can be intimidating to browse a list of surgeons and pick the one who’s right for you. There are so many to choose from, it can make it difficult to differentiate which surgeons are smart choices and which should be avoided.

Use this list as a guide to determine if a facial plastic surgeon meets the requirements you have for training, experience, and credentials:

• Board certification by a reputable board
• The number of facelifts performed each year
• The number of years spent performing facelifts
• Where facelift surgeries are performed. There should be an accredited facility that can verify your surgeon’s credentials.
• Who will administer anesthesia prior to surgery. There should be a board-certified anesthesiologist or certified Registered Nurse anesthetist.
• The surgeon’s method of minimizing risks and his or her approach when complications occur
• Before and After photos and patient testimonials demonstrating the surgeon’s abilities

Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions that will put your mind at ease. A trained facial plastic surgeon understands that selecting a surgeon is an important part of your facelift experience. He or she should cooperate in providing all the information you ask for as you make your selection.

Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon With Experience

Begin the planning stages of your facelift today by booking a consultation with Dr. Andrew Frankel, board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ENT). His focus is on facial rejuvenation, especially through procedures such as the facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery, as well as rhinoplasty. Since 1994, Dr. Frankel has been practicing at the Lasky Clinic and earned recognition as an expert in his field. He has published on a variety of topics including midface lifts, Botox, rhinoplasty, and more. To consult with Dr. Frankel, contact the Lasky Clinic located at 201 South Lasky Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Call (310) 552-2173 to schedule your appointment today!