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Understanding What Facelifts Can and Can’t Do

All You Need to Know About Facelifts | Beverly Hills, CAA facelift surgery can offer fantastic, even life-changing results for the right patient. Even so, this incredible anti-aging procedure has its limitations, just like any other procedure. Many prospective patients may assume it can fix every detail, correct a wider scope of problems, or even freeze the hands of time permanently. If you’re considering a facelift surgery for yourself, it’s important to understand both the possibilities and limits of the procedure. [Read more…]

Guide to Preparing for Your Facelift

What to Know Before Your Facelift | Beverly Hills, CALike any surgery, a facelift involves a lot of prior planning before your procedure date arrives. You may find yourself facing a long to-do list, filled with tasks to complete during the days and weeks that lead up to your surgery. Taking care of these preparations can help to ensure you have a smooth recovery that leads to your best results. Your facial plastic surgeon will most likely walk you through these important steps, but make sure to keep your own checklist handy to keep yourself on track. [Read more…]

Go Beyond Your Facelift With Neck Lift Surgery

Combining a Facelift With a Neck Lift | Beverly Hills, CAIn today’s world, the terms “facelift” and “neck lift” are widely known and understood. Although the specifics of the procedures may remain a mystery, most men and women have a reasonable idea what the surgeries involve. Yet, despite the close relationship between the face and neck, most prospective rejuvenation patients consider the two surgeries as separate entities, never considering the benefit of blending the two into one procedure. If you’ve been unhappy with the way that aging has altered your face and neck, start thinking about a facelift and a neck lift as working in harmony. Here are just a few reasons why you should.

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The First Day After Facelift Surgery

Recovering From Facelift Surgery | Beverly Hills, CAEven when change is a happy occasion, it’s human nature to feel unsure about it. A facelift surgery can present major changes to a patient’s life and, although they are positive, they can bring anxiety, frustration, anticipation, and other unwelcome emotions. Many patients find it easier to stay calm during the transition time after a facelift surgery if they go into the process with a clear understanding and realistic expectations. If you’re worrying about how you’re going to look, feel, and even heal after your surgery, these pointers are a great place to start. Read on, take some notes, and remember that your low stress levels during recovery will only help you to heal faster. [Read more…]

How to Optimize Facelift Results With Add-Ons

Should You Couple Procedures With Your Facelift? | Beverly Hills, CAWhen most prospective patients imagine the surgeries they want, they probably expect a grueling cycle of consultations, surgery, and recovery played out over and over. The truth is that facial plastic surgeons don’t want to put you through that drawn-out experience. If it’s safe for you to have multiple procedures, they will likely perform two or maybe three in tandem and save you a lot of time. When you meet to consult with your facial plastic surgeon for a facelift, it’s completely normal to ask about other related procedures that might help you to achieve your desired results. In fact, adding other rejuvenation surgeries to your facelift might actually help to enhance your results overall. [Read more…]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Facelift Surgeon

How to Choose the Right Facelift Surgeon | Beverly Hills, CAIn today’s world, most consumers are very critical of the salespeople they meet in a car dealership or the dentist who wants to do thousands of dollars’ worth of work right away. We are trained to be skeptical of the professionals we meet in our everyday lives. When it comes to plastic surgery, especially the fine-tuned art of facial plastic surgery, that hesitation comes in handy. Your health and your satisfaction truly matter, so choosing the right facial plastic surgeon to perform your delicate facelift surgery is essential. By making a thoughtful and educated selection, you’re earning several benefits for yourself. [Read more…]

Strategies for a Scar-Free Facelift

How to Get a Scar-Free Facelift | Beverly Hills, CAAfter all the time and money invested in your facelift surgery, the last thing you want are lasting scars that let everyone know you’ve had surgery. The sad truth is that all surgeries, whether medical or cosmetic in nature, require incisions to perform them. When left to heal on their own, many of these incisions can become scars later on. Although your facelift incisions will be made in well-hidden places, you want to make sure they don’t stick around for too long after you’ve healed and recovered. Use these strategies to be sure you’re as free of scars as possible after your facelift surgery.

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Best Strategies to Reduce Post-Facelift Swelling

Post-facelift tips | Beverly Hills, CAWhen it comes to facial surgery, post-operative swelling can cause a lot of discomfort. While most patients experience a very minimal amount of pain, it can be uncomfortable to feel tightness and swelling around the mouth, chin, and jaw. While these responses are the natural way that the body responds to change, you don’t have to suffer your post-facelift symptoms in silence. With these go-to tips to reduce swelling, you can have a smooth and easy recovery following your facelift surgery.

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Do You Have Time for a Facelift?

Plan your facelift right | Beverly Hills, CAPlanning a facelift surgery involves more than just picking a date and arranging a ride to and from your appointment. In fact, knowing when and how to time that surgery date is an important part of the planning process. The very success of your surgery can depend on your ability to plan ahead for the time it takes to heal properly. You don’t need a lot of time, but you can’t cut corners. How can you know for sure if you really have the time necessary to set aside for your facelift?


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Comparing Facelift Techniques: Midface Lift vs. Traditional Facelift

What facelift is best for you? | Beverly Hills, CAFacial rejuvenations can take many forms, especially if you’re looking for a facelift. Because there are so many aspects and intricate details to the face, the surgical approaches used to lift and rejuvenate them must be diverse as well. When it comes to sagging skin, fat, and other aging concerns, a facelift often takes two major forms: a traditional facelift and a midface lift. Each of these techniques is designed to address specific patient concerns and achieve a certain type of result. Learn about the two major types of facelift before determining which approach will best suit the concerns you have. Consult with a plastic surgeon to help you make the final decision and start planning that facelift surgery.

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