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Does Anyone Really Need a Facelift?

Does Anyone Really Need a Facelift? | Beverly Hills, CARevisiting the subject of the facelift, which one of Dr. Frankel’s blogs took up in its very first post more than three years ago, we should start by saying, as we did then, that the facelift is an option, not a necessity. It’s a way to make someone feel better about him or herself.

Accordingly, the question of when to undergo plastic facial surgery has more to do with a person’s sense of self, and less with appearances.

In Dr. Frankel’s experience, most of the potential facelift clients he consults with are generally attractive people who have always been considered good-looking and youthful. These people are often complimented on their appearances, and may not realize how much that positive feedback has bolstered their self-image until signs of aging appear and the compliments stop coming.

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Foreign filler material as a substitute for facelifts?

Facelift substitutes Los Angeles | Beverly Hills, CAJust last week I operated on a wonderful woman who is educated, sophisticated and very well connected. So well connected, in fact, that she somehow found her way to a“doctor” from South America who was injecting “some type of new filler” into the faces of her friends. With nothing more than the trust in her friends judgment she went ahead and had her face injected in a hotel room by this foreign “injector doc” in Manhattan. There were several treatment sessions and the product was placed behind her jaw line and in her cheeks in an attempt to “lift” the face. There were no complications such as infection or necrosis but over time the product became larger and more firm. [Read more…]

A Few Words About Facelifts

This is my first attempt at writing one of these Blogs and I’ve decided to relay a few of my experiences and thoughts regarding facelifts. When a person is young and feeling good about themselves the idea of having a facelift is the farthest thing from their mind. In fact I believe that most young people actually have disdain for the entire concept and can’t empathize at all with a parent or other older figure in their life that has decided to go under the knife. Ahh…but time eventually catches up with everyone and despite a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise many of those same people will eventually wind up across from me in a consultation. I’ve had numerous persons break down and cry to me about how they can’t believe they are actually in front of a surgeon considering a facelift; it was just something they said they would never do. I find it interesting that most people wanting facelifts are generally attractive people who have always been considered good looking and younger than their actual age.

When one thinks about this it makes sense however, because these people have been validated about their appearances for their entire lives and, like it or not, it’s an important part of their self image. When signs of aging appear and they no longer receive those compliments that they’ve grown so accustomed to, it can be devastating. This is particularly true for individuals that have relied heavily on their appearances to define themselves. [Read more…]

Centrofacial Lift

Until recently, the middle area of the face has not typically been addressed when performing facelift procedures. The midface area, comprised of the region between the lower eyelids and the mouth, actually ages differently then the jowls and neck.  The central face tends to fall directly vertically with age, and as the skin thins out this can lead to a drawn and tired appearance with dark circles or hollows under the eyes as well as deep folds up near the nose.

The traditional facelift acts to correct the aging cheeks, jowl, and neck areas of the face by repositioning these tissues upward and outward toward the ear, but does little or nothing to reposition the midfacial tissues, which need to be lifted in a directly vertical vector. Recent surgical innovations are now addressing this issue and yielding wonderful results, which provide subtle changes that impart a dramatic impact on the overall appearance.  Most profoundly, patients appear to look much less “tired” and the midface area is now better balanced with the rest of the face. [Read more…]

Current thinking on Lower Eyelids

Over the years the approach to rejuvenate the lower eyelids has gone through many changes. Prior to the mid 1980’s the accepted gold standard of treatment was to remove as much fat, skin and “excess” muscle as possible. These techniques were championed by virtually every reputable surgeon at that time and results from such procedures were published in all of the most highly regarded textbooks. As these results are now revisited in 2011 it is simply astonishing what used to be regarded as a “good result”! Careful attention to those older results shows retraction for the lower lid margin with too much while exposed and rounding of the lid. There is hollowing around the eyes and eversion of the lashes as well as changes in the angle between the upper and lower lids. Not only are these prior “great results” unattractive, they actually make the person look older! [Read more…]