Surprising Ways You’re Hurting Your Facelift Results

Ways You’re Hurting Your Facelift ResultsFacelift surgery offers many people the chance to set back the clock, sometimes erasing up to 10 years of damage and aging side effects. While it’s great to have this option for achieving a more youthful look, it’s not a procedure designed to have multiple times over and over again when aging catches up to you. While some patients revisit for a second facelift about 10 to 12 years after their first, the vast majority of facelift patients find that one surgery is enough. Caring for yourself and your skin are essential to making those facelift results last a good long time. Could you be doing things that are shortening the lifetime of your own facelift results? [Read more…]

Are You Ready for Your Facelift Recovery?

Ready for Your Facelift RecoveryThere’s more to planning a facelift than picking a date on the calendar, especially when you’re looking ahead to your smooth and successful recovery. In fact, you’ll probably stay pretty busy with a nice, long to-do list in preparation for your surgery day. Don’t let it stress you out, though; planning ahead can help you to relax later on, exactly when you’ll need it the most. To get your best surgical results, you’ll need to heal your best. Take these steps when you’re planning for your own post-surgical recovery. [Read more…]

Is a Secondary Facelift Surgery Right for You?

Is a Secondary Facelift Surgery Right for You?Facelift surgery is not something that any patient or facial plastic surgery takes lightly. It is a delicate surgery that can erase years from the face and achieve very dramatic results for its patients. Yet, there is no surgery that can completely freeze the hands of time. For some post-surgical facelift patients, the concept of a second surgery never becomes a concern. There are other patients, however, who might find themselves considering a second facelift surgery at some point years after their first one. Understanding what motivates these men and women to pursue a second surgery can help you to make the decision for yourself. [Read more…]

Questions to Ask Before Your Facelift

Questions to Ask Before Your FaceliftUndergoing facelift surgery is a big decision that all patients should make very carefully for themselves. Part of this decision-making process includes choosing the right facial plastic surgeon. The best time to do this is during your facelift consultation, a special one-on-one meeting that allows you and your prospective surgeon to get to know one another, discuss the procedure, and ask questions of each other. While it’s important for you to answer your facial plastic surgeon’s questions, it can be just as important to ask him your own. Consider these questions when you meet for your facelift consultation. [Read more…]

What to Expect From Your Facelift Consultation

What to Expect From Your Facelift ConsultationWith facelift surgery, men and women can achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated look that can boost confidence. Although many patients have an idea of the results they’d like to see after facelift surgery, they’re often not sure exactly how to get started. The first step, once you’ve chosen your facial plastic surgeon, is to meet for a one-on-one consultation. During your consultation, you’ll be asked many questions and receive many answers to your own concerns. Here’s what you can expect from that first meeting. [Read more…]

Techniques to Minimize Your Facelift Scars

Minimize Your Facelift Scars With These TechniquesEvery surgery leaves marks behind, but scarring doesn’t have to be obvious. If you’ve considered facelift surgery, then you already understand that it is a commitment of your time and an investment of your money. You undoubtedly want your results to look as natural as possible, so you’ll do everything you can to heal and recover fully from your surgery to ensure your best results. While you’re doing that, it might also be in your power to make sure the scars that emerge from your facelift will be minimal. [Read more…]

Solving Your Recovery Problems After Facelift Surgery

Solving Your Recovery Problems After Facelift SurgeryFacial plastic surgery is a delicate group of procedures. You can increase the quality of your results and personal safety by choosing an expert facial plastic surgeon to perform your facelift.

By meeting for a consultation and following your surgeon’s instructions closely, you will minimize your risks significantly.

Learn how to avoid some of the common recovery problems many facelift patients encounter. [Read more…]

Four Things to Consider Before Your Male Facelift

Four Things Men Should Consider Before a FaceliftThe number of male facelift patients grows year after year as they discover the many benefits of this popular anti-aging procedure. Society as a whole has also begun to change its thinking about male facelift surgery, which helps many interested men find the courage to pursue the procedure. Facelifts can take years off of your perceived age, alleviate some of your biggest concerns, and achieve the results you desire. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female when you’re looking into a facelift surgery.

  [Read more…]

Aging Problems Solved With Facelift Surgery

Aging Problems Solved With Facelift SurgeryProspective facelift patients are already concerned about the effects of aging on their faces before they walk into a surgical consultation. They know where their problem spots are and what they’d like to change. They also know that facelift surgery can help them to achieve a more youthful look, sometimes up to 10 years younger. Facelift surgery can address many of the common symptoms of the aging face, but deciding if it is for you involves an understanding of how it works. These top aging problems can all be resolved with the right facial plastic surgeon and a good surgical plan. [Read more…]

Make Your Facelift Results Last

Make Your Facelift Results LastAlthough a facelift surgery can erase up to 10 years from your perceived age and appearance, it can’t stop time completely. Your facelift results give you the opportunity to look and feel younger, minimizing lines and wrinkles, tightening your jaw, and improving your facial contour. After all that time and energy you spent recovering to get your best facelift results, you certainly don’t want time and gravity to take them away again. Even though facelift surgery isn’t permanent, you can maximize the satisfaction you get from your facelift results for many years just by making a few key lifestyle changes. [Read more…]